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Advantages of learning at Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University(CIKU)

  • Teachers of CIKU are well qualified and experienced who are supported by Hebei University of Economics and Business and Office of China Language Council International. So Institute is more concerned with qualitative learning.
  • CIKU adopts different effective teaching methods e.g film show, practical conversation, sharing ideas with resource persons and organizing cultural functions.
  • Besides language, Institute conducts valuable programs for business persons, students and other persons who are interested to learn about Chinese business cultures and methods, cross cultural management and so on.
  • CIKU organizes experience sharing programs especially in business and eduations fields in between China and Nepal. So that, CIKU has been very useful platform for the business persons and students to understand about Chinese educations and business systems.
  • Learning Chinese language at CIKU will help to students to pursue their higher studies in Universities of China in different specialized areas.

Admission is on-process

  • Admisssion will be taken two times (January and July).
  • Training will be one hour during week days.

Courses Offered
• Basic Level I ( 6 months)
• Basic Level II (6 months)
• Intermediate Level I ( 6 months)
• Intermediate Level II (6 months)
• Advance Level I (6 months)
• AdvanceLevel II (6 months)


Anyone who is interested in Chinese Language and Culture will be welcome. The level of the students will be decided by a level-test exam conducted by the Institute after admissions. The maximum intake capacity for all levels is 20 students per class.

Contact Address:
Kathmandu University
Confucius Institute
P.O.Box 6250, Kathmandu, Nepal
Office Tel: 5537191, 5548891(Ext. 221)
For More Information visit:

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